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I only work with a handful of selected clients offering my digital marketing services in Melbourne and around the world. So to ensure I give your project the 1:1 attention, to build powerful chatbots for websites or money-making copywriting services, book a discovery call today and let’s find out if you are the Ozzy Osborne to my Sharon.

List of services

Here's what I can help you with

Conversion Copywriting

If you'd like to sell more of anything - from hot cakes to hot pants - then conversion copywriting is for you. I take a deep dive into your business, uncover your audience's deepest desires, and position your product or service as the Panadol to their pain! We'll apply a strategic conversion-first lens across all touchpoints - from landing pages to emails, website to social media posts.

Advertising Copywriting

If you have a bid ABT or BTL campaign and need some copywriting to make your idea hook in your ideal buyer, then this is the option for you. I'll work with your team or creative director to produce eyeball-grabbing copy options that your audience simply can't resist!

Email Copywriting

Stuck on how to write your welcome series? Launching a new product or coaching program? Need a follow-up or upsell sequence for buyers? I got you! Simply send me your email marketing funnel, and I'll craft expert copy to help drive more sales, increase sign-ups, or introduce your brand to the world.

Email Marketing Strategy

Let's take a deep dive into your email marketing and work out how it can best serve your business. We'll do an in-depth strategy session together, and I'll create a foolproof email marketing strategy to nurture all leads coming into your funnel - from fresh prospects to longtime brand lovers.

Content Strategy & Content Writing

If you're looking to reach more ideal clients using educational (and inspirational!) content and position yourself as an expert, then content strategy is a great start. I'll develop a comprehensive strategy and write the content, from blog posts and case studies to whitepapers, how-tos, reports, and more.

Chat Marketing Strategy

If you have an existing Facebook and Instagram Automation system but it's not converting your leads, or you're looking to get started, this option is for you. Together, we'll do an in-depth strategy session, dissect your business goals, and how we'll attract your ideal clients, and then I'll create a chat marketing strategy from the ground up. All that's left to build it. (Oh, and we do that too!)

Facebook & Instagram Automation

It's no secret you need to be on the channels your customers are on, so you don't lose sales! With Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM Automation, join forces with my team as we build a Meta-approved solution that helps you qualify leads, increase sales, automate FAQs, and and plug into your Facebook or Instagram Ads - all on autopilot!

Brand Identity

From tone of voice and tagline, to brand values, mission and personality, and more - I'll pour my blood, sweat and tears into the core elements that amplify your brand's DNA. (No needles necessary!)


From 1:1 consulting sessions to working with your team for an extended period, I can help you understand your audience, fine-tune your copy, develop your marketing offers, and help you unpack your next big business move.


So, let’s start with...

Let’s get the nitty-gritty on your digital marketing project + if we agree that copywriting is a smart investment for your business. 👏 30 min. free call

30-min complimentary

1:1 Power Hour

Give me one hour + I’ll ensure your campaign stands out, connects emotionally, flows better and sells like hotcakes (or hot pants).

1 hour – $459.54

1:1 Consulting

I’ll take a deep dive into your campaign, consult on a chatbot project, or come up with a batch of eyeball-grabbing pieces of writing

3 hours – $1,179 (save $200)

Bespoke Projects

Let me get knee-deep in your project + compel your audience to open their wallets and throw their credit cards at you! 🤑

Starting at – $3,500


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Meet the Mads Collective Group team

I might be considered the queen of giving good copywriting, but I also have a dream team! From strategy to execution, meet the experts who have the proven tactics to grab more ideal buyers by the eyeballs.

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Book a 30-minute Discovery Call with me to share the vision for your project

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I’ll pep myself up with caffeine and take a deep dive into creating click-worthy campaigns for you.

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We’ll set your campaign loose and watch as your ideal clients throw credit cards at you!