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Services we provided

Brand identity and development, creative direction, copywriting, verification (blue check mark) of Instagram and GIPHY accounts, Manychat automation for Messenger and Instagram, bilingual automation creation for Ley de Mike (Spanish), SMS automation strategy and copywriting, project and client management.

*Please note: we have used demo account screenshots throughout this case study, so you will see 0% CTR which is incorrect.

Law by Mike’s problem

Law by Mike already had an Instagram Automation chatbot built in Manychat that was not collecting and qualifying the leads the way he wanted. The responses were also not personalized or segmented enough to the cases that Mike can represent.

Mike’s previous build didn’t follow a “choose your own adventure” or “if this, then that” pathway where people respond in certain ways and get a certain reply.

Qualifying leads for law firm cases

So to solve his problem, we built a solution in ManyChat that qualified the lead with as much detail as possible looking at the following things:

  1. What is a quality lead? What cases will Mike take on at his firm?
  2. What information do we need from the lead to determine if it’s a viable case before we pass the lead to Mike?
  3. How do we make people trust Mike enough to give their phone number and email address? (This was the big problem Mike was having.)

So, we worked with a designer who created RoboMike, which is Law by Mike as a chatbot or automated assistant. (Check the hair and suit!)

RoboMike happy wave

RoboMike represents Mike’s brand and it has its own personality and a tone of voice that’s based on Law by Mike’s tone of voice for his content.

So what we did was we created a solution that qualifies the lead in a few ways.

First up, the main thing we wanted to do – and this was important in both logic of the bot and the copy – is that we wanted to make sure that we asked for the lead’s details upfront, so we can actually qualify them as a correct lead.

RoboMike Manychat flow

So the first thing we did was ask for the lead’s phone number. The way I did that is we made it feel special and private – “it’s only going to be shared between you and me” (which would be RoboMike and the potential lead).

We do this to make sure that the lead understands:

  1. They are talking to RoboMike and he will pass the details on real Mike
  2. We’re keeping your details safe to build trust with the lead.

At this point, we know that someone’s coming in with a legal problem; however, we need them to understand that they’re speaking to an automated assistant, RoboMike, but the automated assistant is there to help and gain trust with the potential lead.

RoboMike greeting

And when they finally do give their number, we lead with empathy in the copy. Sympathize with the lead. Understand this was a big deal for them. Express gratitude that they’ve trusted you with their phone number.

Next, it’s best to signpost the next qualification questions that we’re going to be sending to them: *“I have a couple of quick questions to ask you. It’ll only take two minutes.”*So the potential lead understands there’s going to be some questions following but it won’t take up a lot of their time, so they know they won’t sit there answering 10 questions.

So the next stage is we qualify the lead based on the cases that Law by Mike can take himself in his firm. These include personal injury, sexual abuse, etc. We also give a “Something else” option.

RoboMike Praise User

If it’s a case that we know Mike can take, we send them to injury segmentation to specify which type of personal injury case they are.

The key is here to get as much information as possible as quickly as possible, so we can pass the lead onto the real Mike.

Finally, we segment their responses based on the information that the lead has given us.

From there, there is an automated system that Mike has connected to this, that sends an automatic SMS that moves the conversation over to text message.

From there, Mike or his team can answer the inbound texts and segment the lead further, by calling the lead or asking more questions via text, like the court date, etc.

If we don’t get the phone number, we have a variation of “I’m sorry” messages and ways to have the lead contact Mike.

A general legal question, or a real-life case question?

Law by Mike had a lot of people coming into his DMs with questions.

RoboMike general question

It was frustrating to try to differentiate between a genuine lead or a “what if” legal question. Some of them just had general questions about the law and others had specific questions about their particular case.

So, we created a hypothetical checker and it asks the person to confirm if they have a real-life issue or a “what if” question they are interested in.

Turning Law by Mike’s followers in dollars 🤑

Law by Mike has more than 570,000 followers on Instagram and a combined total following of 6 million across all social media platforms.

It made sense for us to upsell fans to his Inner Circle paid YouTube subscription.

When someone identifies themselves as a fan we express gratitude that they are a fan.

RoboMike says thanks for being a fan

And then casually ask for them to join the exclusive email community. The key is to always be moving followers into a list that you own, like your email lsit.

The next thing we do is tell them a little bit about the Inner Circle membership.

We know two major things about fan psychology when it comes to a public figure like Law by Mike:

  1. His fans and followers want 1:1 access to him. They feel like they know him, and that “exclusive access” is a driving factor.
  2. They want knowledge of the law. It’s really interesting to be able to ask a lawyer and not have to commit to a certain amount of time or money to get answers to a legal question.

RoboMike fan testimonials

We use this psychology to appeal to fans that are still on the fence about parting with their cash.

The major selling point is Mike’s Inner Circle membership is the number 1 way to connect with Mike personally and receive one-on-one access to him.

So, we have followers to self-identify as fans; people who have a general question; or those who have a video idea for Mike.

Once they identify themselves in one of those three ways, we send them an immediate “upsell” to join Mike’s Inner Circle YouTube subscription and explain each membership tier.

We want to convert as many followers who identify as fans but are “idle bystanders” in terms of spending money, to part with money for that access to Mike, from $5 a month, which is the lowest tier.

This is also the first time we place risk on fans to spend money, so we include social proof in there too. We’re more trusting of stuff that other people already trust, so we let Mike’s Inner Circle community sell for him with a testimonial.

Case closed

We managed to qualify leads for Law by Mike, a service-based business (in this case, a lawyer), to determine which leads he could take in the state of California and also segment out based on the case type and the injury type, so we can send as much information as possible and have better conversions and better quality leads going through to Mike.

The second thing we did was determine if folks had a general question or if they were someone who really needed a lawyer.

And the final problem to solve was upselling fans.

We made sure we upsold fans to the Inner Circle YouTube paid membership when they identified themselves as a fan, not a potential client.

At every stage, we optimized Law by Mike’s Instagram DM Automation for conversions.


Before we came on board, leads willingly giving their phone number was a dismal 7.09%.

Once we developed a strategy, re-built the flows, and implemented copy that tapped into human psychology, we were able to capture 29.73% of leads’ phone numbers to add to Mike’s SMS automation.

That’s an increase of 319.323%.


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Everyone loves RoboMike

RoboMike fan mail

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