Here’s what’s going on right now…

You’ve got a landing page.

It’s live.

You’re running ads to it.

People are clicking on your ad! 🥳

And then…

They bounce.


This page is generating ZERO sales. 😨

“Why? What’s wrong with the page?!” 

First, let’s start with the copywriting facts:

  • Good copywriting is all about your customer (not you or your company)
  • Your copy must speak to your customer’s pain points and HOW your product or service will help alleviate that pain.
  • People buy benefits NOT features (“sell the sizzle,” my friend!)
  • People buy the product or service that’s easiest to understand NOT the best one on the market…

So with that in mind, let’s dive into the three essential elements that contribute to a landing page that converts.


🤑 Landing Page Tip #1: A clear benefit-driven headline

Let’s take a look at Matthew Hussey’s home page:

I worked on the rebrand with Matthew Hussey, so I can divulge what this landing page was all about.

Matthew Hussey is a dating expert with more than 2M+ YouTube subscribers.

His business primarily makes money from online coaching programs for women.

In fact, a landing page I wrote for Matthew Hussey outperformed the control by 44%. You can read more about it here >>

For this rebrand, we wanted to make sure the brand had longevity beyond women finding their dream man.

(Read: we need women to stay on as a paying customer beyond them finding, dating, and getting married to their “Prince Charming”.)

We wanted to help women fall in love with their lives.

So, this headline encapsulates:

Matthew Hussey’s core benefit for women: “More than just dating advice, but helping women fall in love with their lives.”

BOOM! There it is! 


🤑 Landing Page Tip #2: Use my Two-Step Hooker Formula

What is the Two-Step Hooker Formula?

Let me explain…

It’s using a hook to lure your audience in and a power or trigger word…

So hook + power = hooker. 😉


Now, as a copywriter, I love power words.

They are words like:

  • Banned
  • Turbocharge
  • Unlock
  • Boost
  • Guaranteed
  • Authentic
  • Private
  • Behind the scenes
  • VIP
  • Coveted
  • And so many more!

In the Matthew Hussey example, I’ve circled the power words used.

They are:

  • Fall in love
  • Personalized
  • Solution

There are only three above the fold, which is enough for a public figure like Matthew.

For lesser-known brands, I’d sprinkle a few more because those good, juicy words contribute to an emotional feeling that the reader will have.

No one buys anything based on a rational decision.

It’s always an emotional one.

So make power words your friend.

Love them.

Heck, even take them out on a date! 😉

You know what I mean… Be friendly with these power or trigger words.

Get to know them and use them wisely.


🤑 Landing Page Tip #3: Have a CTA button above the fold

Placing your call-to-action (CTA) button immediately draws your visitors’ attention to your CTA to drive more conversions.


Your CTA could be a button saying:

  • Buy Now

  • Download Your Guide

  • Register Now

  • Watch Now

For Matthew Hussey, there’s a primary CTA (“Start here”) and a secondary CTA (“Take the quiz”) for newcomers.

(And a greyed-out “Login” button for those who’ve purchased a coaching program from him.)

All CTA buttons are above the fold and are in contrasting colours to the rest of the site.

It makes it so easy for newcomers to take action right away!

(And Matthew doesn’t ask for an email address on the page, but rather asks them to start with their name.)

So keep this in mind…

When someone’s going to buy something from your landing page, we don’t want any scrolling.

Scrolling is bad.



🤑 BONUS: Build authority!

Demonstrating authority helps you build trust with your audience, so they are more likely to purchase from you.

After all, people buy from those they know, like, and trust.


Matthew Hussey uses three statements to build authority:

  • He’s been helping women since 2008
  • He’s a New York Times bestselling author
  • He has the #1 dating advice channel on YouTube

For businesses like yours, you can demonstrate authority like this:

  • Using copy like this: “We’ve helped over 10,000 [your ideal client] solve [ideal client problem]” or “[Ideal client] with your [ideal client problem] can save up to $50,000 a year.”  

  • Include a list of awards, brands you’ve worked with, and media you’ve appeared in.

  • Include 2-3 short testimonials on how you helped your clients succeed.

There you have it: three tips for a successful landing page!

Which one are you going to use today?

Psst…Want a shortcut to 100 of my favourite Power Words? Go here >>