One day, I received a LinkedIn message from the managing director of an education institute in Melbourne.

He and his sales team were frustrated by the inability to translate their leads into sales, and they also were wasting a lot of time qualifying leads.

I feel you, buddy, I thought.

So we jumped on a call and they let me know what was going on behind the scenes.

One of their courses, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL for short), was a course they would promote, but often they didn’t know if the leads were ready to enrol now or in 12 months’ time.

The course was valued at $9,000 to $11,000.

They explained they were paying up to $1,000 per lead using other methods.

I told them there was a way to attract, qualify and convert leads that would be way below the current $1,000 they were paying.

We set to work soon after.

With our strategy, we managed to get that down to $6-$11 per lead (depending on the campaign as we ran two separate campaigns for two courses).

So with their main business problems — generating leads who were qualified and knowing when they were ready to enrol — in mind, we created the following campaign.

How it Works

First we created an ad, targeting the client’s ideal customers.

When they click on the “Learn More” button, it opens a strategic Facebook Messenger chatbot we created to deliver a free guide about the TESOL course and its benefits.

👆 Above is the first message users receive.

It asks for their email address, so you now have the lead as a bot subscriber, and as an email subscriber.

We then send 5 qualification questions to everyone who opted into receive the free guide to see if they are eligible for government funding, as these were students who were most likely to enrol.

At the end of the questions, the bot triggers a notification in real time to the sales team, so they can jump in and help the student enrol while they are still WARM.

Best of all, the answers the prospect enters in the bot is captured and can be accessed at any time by the sales and marketing teams.

The client was thrilled with the results…

Guide optins (with 228 email addresses captured for one campaign):

184 people completed the government qualification sequence, with 40+ leads saying they were ready to enrol in the next 6–12 months.

Here are the Facebook Ads Results

And the subscriber count as of 19th November 2019 after 2 month campaign of just one ad (remember, they started with zero)

Highlights of the Campaign Duration (90 days):
  • Start of Campaign — 0 subscribers
  • Total Chatbot Subscribers — 625 subscribers
  • TESOL Guide: 394 people opted into receive the TESOL guide
  • Qualifying Sequence: 243 people received the qualifying sequence
  • Warm Leads: 40+ warm leads were identified from the sequence
  • TESOL was the best performing ad, at a cost of $6 per lead (down from the original $1,000 per lead)

Amazing, right?


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