Do you know the top 3 things that make copywriting GOOD?

I’m not talking about “good” as in “OK, that’ll do”…

I’m talking about GOOD (bold, all caps) copywriting, like these shining examples:

  • Copywriting that generates $10,000 in revenue in 48 hours
  • Copywriting that rakes in $3,000 from two emails and one chatbot campaign
  • Copywriting that outperforms the control, resulting in 44% more sign-ups

Yes, those are all real-world examples of results my copywriting has helped businesses achieve.

Of course, stellar copywriting isn’t the ONLY factor (all parts — strategy, execution, touchpoints — need to work in harmony), but good copywriting can mean the difference between your business making thousands of dollars vs just scraping by month after month.

Now, here are the top 3 things that make copywriting GOOD (bold, all caps):

1. Good copywriting focuses on benefits, not features.

Be sure to focus on the benefits of what your customer or client gets out of your product or service.

Start with your homepage.

Is it clear you offer in a glance? Your ideal buyers are time-poor and want to understand what you offer in an instant.

For example, say you’re a business coach that helps CEOs negotiate high-profile contracts.

Your headline sentence on your homepage could be: “Close More High-Stakes Deals With Precision”.

Now, your audience understands what you do immediately.

2. Good copywriting uses storytelling elements.

Remember: people don’t buy products. They buy better versions of themselves.

A story is a great way to get people involved and remember everything about your company and what problem you’ll help them solve.

There’s a binge-worthy show on Netflix right now called “Trial by Media”.

In one of those cases, the defense attorney unlocked the power of storytelling.

It’s a two-fold victory, he thinks.

He stands up in front of the jury, and says, “My grandmother used to make the best pancakes when I was a child. And one day, my grandmother said to me, ‘it doesn’t matter how thin the pancake is. It’s always going to have two sides.’ And that’s what we have here. A pancake with two sides.”

And do you know what the trial focus became?

The pancake having two sides.

The media ran with it, too.

Some 20 years later for this very Netflix series, everyone they interviewed can still remember the pancake quote.

That is the power of storytelling.

(The defense attorney admitted years later that the pancake story isn’t even true!)

3. Good copywriting uses specific, clear examples and instructions.

This includes giving customers a path to make it easier to do business with you, so it’s easy for them to take action and enlist your (product/service).

The excuses buyers will have include:

  1. This is too hard.
  2. This is too confusing.

As soon as they hit that mental fog, they won’t take action, so you give them a 3-step plan to do business together.

For example, if you’re running a cleaning business, your process could be:

  1. Get a free quote
  2. Book your deep clean
  3. Enjoy your spick ’n’ span home

Your challenge this week: Check out your website and make sure you’ve done all of these things.


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