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🤑 Proven Profit Boosters Copywriting Templates


I’m giving you the exact copy templates I use every single day in my business, coupled with 10+ years of money-making conversion copywriting tactics, so all you need to do is whip out these templates every time you need to deliver a freebie to your audience!
In fact, I have built a Facebook Messenger bot and an email sequence that made $3,000 in sales in 48 hours with a 68.2% open rate, a 36.5% CTR and 71.5% CTR to sales page.
And best of all, one of the landing pages I wrote for Matthew Hussey outperformed the control by 44%.
I’ve downloaded all of my expertise into these templates, so all you do is fill in the blanks, and copy and paste to your email, chatbot and landing page software, so you have a ready-to-go system of proven copywriting templates that generate results time and time again.
If you want done-for-you profit-boosting copywriting templates that will your ROI, then keep reading…
Do you know that adding a few “power words” into your copy can increase your conversion rates by 12.7%?
So imagine if there was a way to never stumble when writing a word of copy, boost your conversion rate, AND bump up that ROI with an entire system that gets you instant results….
There is… and I’m about to reveal it to you!
In Profit Boosters, you’ll get instant access to 4 proven templates:

Template #1:

Lead Magnet Delivery Email. Take the hours of guesswork out of your lead magnet delivery email, and use this one that generates me a 51% open rate and 22% click-through rate to cold leads time and time again (higher than industry average of 17% open rate).

Template #2:

Lead Magnet Follow Up Email. Prospects won’t ghost you ever again, guaranteed.

Template #3:

Chatbot Lead Magnet Delivery Template. Download this template and unlock just how I capture 79% of users’ email addresses and deliver guides to my new prospects.

Template #4:

Success/confirmation landing page copy to reassure and reward your new leads. Guaranteed to give your leads the warm and fuzzies and priming them for your high-ticket services.

Remember:  Copy provides the information the buyer needs in order to make the decision to purchase. Whether that’s good copy that has them begging for your product, or bad copy where they instantly go to a competitor instead, is entirely up to you…

Let me give you the shortcut today.

Click the BUY NOW button right now and you’ll get instant access to my Proven Profit Boosters: 4 Done-For-You Copywriting Templates for just $7.

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