Get ready – I have created your email script to help boost your sales. 🙌

This is for you if:

▪️  You’re struggling to increase one-time buyers into two-time purchasers

▪️  Need to boost sales and make a profit after ad spend

▪️  Don’t know what to do to make 1x buyers become 2x buyers

I’ve got a “We Think You’ll Love This” email script, and this is the #1 email you must send to your one-time buyers, about 25 days after their first purchase (this window could vary depending on your activity). 

The goal is to get them to buy the item you suggest in this email at full price. (If they don’t, you can add them to your further nurturing or discount series of emails, spending on your strategy.)

Here’s my exact, word-for-word email script to turn your one-time buyers into repeat purchasers… 👇👇


Hey [customer name]

Try our new [short product description, maximum 2 sentences; e.g. Evernote Plus with more storage space and organisational features so you get things done in half the time].

[Here’s where you’ll unpack the benefits; e.g. Evernote Plus helps you collaborate better with your team, increase productivity and shrink your to-do list before Monday morning so you can get back to your weekend skydiving trip.]

For a limited time, get [an irresistible offer; e.g. six months free when you buy one year of Evernote Plus].

<button> ACTIVATE YOUR OFFER NOW </button>

[sign off]




Sounds enticing, huh?!

Now, if you’d like more of these emails, crafted specifically for your business or launch offer with a foolproof strategy, contact me here.

Right now, I can hear what you’re saying: “But Angela, I’m having trouble paying for *insert your expenses here* due to, ya know, a pandemic, let alone worrying about the copywriting on my website or email campaigns!” 

Look, I hear you.

That’s why I also offer 1:1 consulting sessions for one hour, or three hours. These are called my Power Hours… 💪

This is for you, if…

▪️ You’ve got a bunch of campaigns and ideas that are not converting. I’ll take my eraser to it and give it targeted changes and suggestions to make it way more powerful, persuasive, and poppin’. This isn’t a total rehash. It’s like lunchtime laser: non-invasive with quick results!

▪️ You need to turn your blah blog post ideas into bangin’ blog post ideas. With click-worthy, share-worthy titles to seal the deal.

▪️ Where on your site can you change the words to make way more money and keep visitors longer? I’ll do a whole-site speed review, and walk through the notes with you.

▪️ You need help creating one important, eyeball-grabbing piece of writing.
Such as:

> Your opt-in offer

> A headline and sub-head for a sales page

> A product name

> Titles and copy for 2-3 “start here” badges on the home page

Not sure if this is what you need right now? Here’s what Abby Schultz, founder of Biz Building Academy had to say after our session together:

“Working with Angela was awesome! I’m the techie type so choosing words is not my zone of genius, which is exactly why I turned to Angela. She’s a dream to work with and has amazing ideas that took my idea to the next level with her words!”


So, itching to go?


Book me via this link now and enter your payment details, and we are ready to rock’n’roll! Once booked, I’ll be in touch via email with next steps.