Many people have the exact same problem when it comes to how to reuse your existing copy to craft open-me-now chatbot conversations.

Like you…

🤔They don’t know where to start.
🤔They don’t understand how to edit it
🤔They don’t know how to translate the blog post or email to keep the conversation going.

But it’s OK, you’re not alone!

I’ve worked with close to 1,000 clients and the one thing that they know is crucial is copywriting.

And my Messenger bot clients know the bot is representing their business so their #1 priority is the bot HAS to sound like them.

And there’s no better way to do that than repurpose their existing content, like blogs, videos, and emails.

So, let’s go through some things that can help you approach recycling existing content like a pro, so you can banish the self-doubt and “writing demons” once and for all. (I think I also have a voodoo spell for that.)

So, Why Is Copywriting So Important?

Put simply, copywriting can increase both the quality and quantity of your leads.

“Once you understand what makes people buy things, you know how to sell — and how to write copy.”

– Robert W. Bly, The Copywriter’s Handbook

Check these stats…

  • Over 100 billion (yes, that’s billion) messages are sent every day on Messenger, WhatsApp & Instagram collectively
  • Content marketing gets 3x more leads than paid advertising
  • Direct response copywriting gets 48x more conversions
  • Over 47% of buyers view 3–5 pieces of content before purchasing

Now you need to know how to give good chat…😉

How To Recycle Your Content

When I create copy for a Messenger bot campaign, it includes:

  • Facebook Ad
  • Bot response in Facebook
  • Bot flow in ManyChat
  • Email (triggered by the bot and delivered by email automation)

Usually, I’ll use copy from the website, blog post or brief to create the bot copy, then I’ll use copy from the Facebook Ad and bot flow to create the emails we send out (or vice versa).

Everything is created once, and modified for each use, keeping best practices for each use in mind.

A Real-Life Example

My hot dog vending client who offers training programs needed a new chat flow to address the biggest pain points for his audience, which are money, freedom and regular income.

In response, we decided to work on this article here, which talks about hot dog vending salaries.

We chose this article because:

  • It had interesting content that tackled a specific audience pain point
  • It has great images
  • It also included a graph we could use in the chatbot conversation

Here’s what it looks like after I turned it into a chatbot conversation.

We took the most important elements of the article, which were salaries for full-time and part-time vendors, and worked in some emojis and visual elements from the original article, and made sure it had all the elements of a good conversation, so it sounded like my client’s tone of voice, and brevity was the focus.

We also included an upsell at the end that was logical for the chat conversation, so my client could also generate some sales from this, or send the subscribers further into the bot’s content, as well.

Last Minute Copy Tips to Boost Your Engagement Rates

Keep it conversational: It’s friendly but it’s structured. You can coat-check the formulaic stuff from your article or email, like your intro and conclusion, and go straight for good stuff to repurpose it for your chatbot. If you’re stuck, try repurposing your list-type articles first.

Keep it personal: Be sure to include your subscriber’s name, and make sure you engage with them as your brand would. This is a conversation, so personalisation really is at home here.

Keep it human: Humans like to interact with humans, not robots, so you can approach your subscribers like a friend in your chatbot.

Keep it fun: You can include GIFs, emojis, images and videos from your article.

A little bit of Paul Simon if you please…

Keep it true to your brand: Don’t forget your tone of voice also carries over into your chatbot.


Want More Copy Tips?

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Many people have the exact same problem when it comes to how to reuse your existing copy to craft open-me-now chatbot conversations.

Like you…