In 2020, I worked with a virtual conference writing killer “cha-ching” copy and creating strategy that resulted in the highest ticket sales in the conference’s three-year history.


Yes, thank you… I’ll gladly accept your praise. 😉

But one thing eluded the CEO. We wanted to land a particular major big-wig speaker.

The CEO had tried (unsuccessfully) for the past two years to secure this speaker.

So, he turned to me and asked, “can you write an email script  for me to send?”

“You bet your sweet socks I can,” I replied.

And now, I’m here to share the formula with you…

*cracks knuckles*

Firstly, this email script only works if:
  • You think of the motives of the person you’re emailing.
  • Remember — the time they have to spend is more important to them than the price of anything (dinner, coffee, etc)
  • If they’re someone you admire, don’t include any inkling of competition
  • Show humility and confidence at the same time
  • Make sure there is zero effort for your recipient to take you up on your offer
  • Give them a window to contact you on your direct number and say it will be a 7-minute chat. People pay attention to 7 minutes as a weird number (but also, once you get them on the phone, it won’t be a 7-minute chat, you’ll obviously talk longer, but this shows no effort + confidence = BAM!)
So, here’s what this email script looks like:

Hi [Name],

I’ve written to you a few times before, but I’m sure you get a huge volume of emails so I thought I’d refresh your memory.

My company [name], and we are hosting [event name], [description of event].

I really admire you and what you’ve created at [company name], and we’d love to have you as part of [event name] to talk about [company vision].

We’ve set aside time for you on [date] for [duration], and best of all, [benefits of meeting up/event]. We’ll take care of the rest.

I’m happy to jump on a 7-minute call on [morning/afternoon] of [date] to chat to you about this, and answer any lingering questions you may have. My direct line is [your number].

What do you say?

[sign off]


And do you know what the response was to this email script, after almost three years of hearing crickets?

(Now I can’t reveal the names because you know, confidentiality, but this was the reply just hours after receiving the email…)

But basically, this person copied in team members to their reply to the CEO to discuss the proposal in the email.

This person has since signed as a speaker.

All from one email script.

So, still don’t think copywriting is important?

Now you know just how important it is to secure those big-time head honchos.

Swipe the email script above and use it next time you need to email a busy person.


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