Helllloooo Instagram!
Yaaaayy! Clothes on!
  • These influencers are typically in the lifestyle/beauty space.
  • They usually started their accounts when Instagram was in its infancy and posts were chronological order AND shown to all followers.
  • Some MAY have used bots to boost follower counts.
1. Engage for more quality followers 💍
Ways to boost your engagement
  • Tap on a hashtag, see which posts come up, assess if the user is a good fit for your brand, and comment on one of their posts.
  • See who interacts with your competitors and start interacting with them on their account. They could be a potential client of yours, so jump on their Instagram and comment!
2. Plan your content
Ways to plan
  • Plan one to two weeks at a time, so you can plan content for fun days, like National Ice-cream Day, and also have time to react to last-minute ‘newsworthy’ events.
  • Make sure your Instagram grid is consistent. It doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s (you’ll see a lot of white, gold, black, pink feeds out there with flatlays). It needs to look like your brand.
  • You can take photos with your smartphone as long as you have good lighting. My favourite editing app is A Color Story. It made this photo I took for a client’s account look 100x times cleaner, brighter, and sharper:
3. #TeamHashtag
Ways to be part of #TeamHashtag
  • Research your hashtag. See what your competitors are using and use those too. Also click through hashtags to see what posts are appearing. I found a lot of the accounts under the broader #hustle or #entrepreneur hashtags look spammy.
  • Don’t be afraid to use hashtags outside of your industry as well. I use lifestyle hashtags for my posts and I find these work well to extend your reach and bring in new and different followers.
  • Some say to place hashtags in the first comment, others say to include it in the caption. I say try both and see what happens.
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