Black Friday is coming up!

So right now, you may be feeling one of two ways…

Camp A, like Leo here. It’s going to be a cryfest because you feel so overwhelmed…

Leo crying in Romeo + Julie


Or you’re in Camp B…

You’re super prepared – some might say over-prepared, but you know that’s not a thing! – because Black Friday has been top of mind for months, so you are cool, calm, and even a smidge excited, like this:

woman with glass of red wine in hand, saying oh my god yes


Either way, I’m jumping in here to talk about one of the crucial elements for your Black Friday sales…


Yes, copywriting plays an important part in how successful your campaigns are.

Don’t believe me?

Well, I worked on the leading chat marketing conference and we made $10,000 revenue in one weekend using my email campaign strategy and direct-response copywriting.

Check it out…


Slack message saying we made $10k revenue in one weekend

Impressive, no?

So, I’m going to give you a quick download of my copywriting brain 🧠 and give you three copywriting tips you can use today to boost your conversion rates.

Here we go…

Start With a Hook 💸

A “hook” answers the question, “what gets people excited about what I am saying?”

To create an eye-catching hook, include a “power” word (which is a word that elicits an emotional response). Some power words I love are: powerful, exclusive, game-changing, staggering, banned, private, VIP.

And then use one of my favourite persuasive techniques, which is called “YAY without the BOO” (put simply, the good without the bad).

I wrote a sentence for my LinkedIn Magic Scripts using a power word coupled with this technique.

Here’s my YAY: “Want to know the foolproof LinkedIn formula for attracting high-ticket B2B prospects” without the BOO: “without feeling like a salesy slimeball”.
screenshot of yay without the boo
And my power words are “foolproof”, “formula”, and “high-ticket”.

This kind of hook can be applied to your lead magnets, ad copy, emails, landing pages, and even your Messenger automation for your Black Friday sales.

Using a persuasion technique like this coupled with a power or “trigger” word that gets people excited will encourage them to read on and buy!

You could see a 12.6% increase in your conversion rates simply by sprinkling a few power words into your copy.


Don’t Neglect Your Calls-to-Action (CTAs) 💸

In emails, and on sales pages and websites, you need to add a CTA (call to action) at the end to get your audience to perform the desired action.

This is crucial for Black Friday and Cyber Monday when competition is fierce – make it easy for people to take action!

The CTA is one of the most important conversion tactics. For once, you can tell people what to do, and they actually like it! 😬

Your CTA could be:

  • Register Your Interest
  • Buy Now & Save $X
  • Book Now
  • Save Your Spot

To make your CTAs stand out and convert faster, use a technique I honed while writing emails as dating expert Matthew Hussey.

I wrote his CTAs as direct response (which stirs up emotions).

Here are a few I wrote for him:

  • Yes, Matt! Give Me Instant Access to <Program Name>  + Help Me Find My Dream Man
  • Let’s Do This Together, Matt: Give Me My <Program Name> Now
  • Download <Lead Magnet Name> Now + Get the Cheat Code to Your Man’s Mind

All of these should hyperlink to your video, free gift, blog post or sales page.

If you have Google Analytics (UTM link) or a link management tool like you can include a trackable link to see the source (your email/Messenger bot/Facebook Ad) and how many people clicked on it.

🔥 Hot tip: Use this method to split-test your CTAs!

Reward Your Audience For Performing an Action 💸

This works for confirmation pages where your buyer needs to perform the desired action to get access to something.

Let’s say your buyer needs to submit a form, leave a review, give their email address in exchange for a coupon code, or sign up for a free webinar.

Instead of writing “Thank you for giving your email address” or whatever it is on your success page, opt for language that reassures them that they have made the right decision.

This is your chance to make the buyer feel empowered, smart, and reassured that they’re making a wise decision and that they are on the right path.

Or, if it’s on brand, you can totally have fun with it, too!

Make it different but still clear and concise. You want to jolt your buyer into paying attention to you!

confirmation page that reads Confirmation: Official


This is such a powerful tactic, and you can use it right now on your confirmation and success pages for your Black Friday sales!

(Trust me, this one will give your audience the “warm ‘n’ fuzzies” so they actually want to do business with you again.)

Now, go forth and kick butt this Black Friday with these 3 tips. 🙌


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