“Technology doesn’t care — technology will keep advancing until the robots kill all of us.” — Gary Vaynerchuk, National Achievers Congress, Melbourne, August 2019

You know, Gary is right in some ways.

Maybe the robots will kill us all (eventually in some dystopian future) but also, robots ﹘ actually, chatbots ﹘ are create massive opportunities for all businesses (including tiny startups and work-from-home side hustles).

How do Facebook Messenger chatbots help businesses?

In three ways:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Operations (customer service)

In fact, this is a massive opportunity for your business because 99% of businesses are NOT using the Messenger platform to reach their prospects and customers, so you can dominate this platform while it’s still drastically underpriced, and be in the top 1% of leaders in your field.

This year at F8, Mark Zuckerberg focused on Messenger. He said if he was to rebuild FB he would focus on Messaging first, and they are creating a Messenger desktop app.

So, with that being said, here are 3 reasons why your business needs a Messenger chatbot:

1. Clients Get the Info They Need Instantly

Prospects and clients love using Messenger bots because it gets them the answer quickly, no matter what time it is or if your office is closed.

Do they need to book an appointment? Your Messenger bot can do that.

Do they need to know your opening hours? Your bot can handle that too.

Do they need more information on a service? It’s right there in the bot.

In fact:

47% of consumers say they would buy items from a chatbot.

And 45.8% of consumers would rather communicate with a business through a messaging app than email.

2. More Conversations = More Sales

Communication is moving away from email, SMS and phone calls.

Think about it… Where are you having the most intimate conversations? It’s on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram DMs.

In simple terms, “conversations” are the new “leads”. A chatbot helps you start more conversations between your business and potential customers. You’ll be able to have more conversations that you want to have (e.g. sales) and fewer conversations that you don’t want to have (e.g. FAQs).

Look at these facts:

  • 20 Billion Messages are exchanged every month between people and businesses
  • 40 Million monthly active businesses use Messenger
  • Over 100 billion messages are sent every day on Messenger, WhatsApp & Instagram collectively
  • More than $5 billion sales have been done in Messenger over the past year.

The more conversations you’re having with leads (and you’re also able to qualify them right within the bot), the more likely they are to purchase from you.

That’s enough to make your sales explode! 💥

3. Turbocharge Your Marketing & Drip Campaigns

How’s your email open rate looking? (You can go check, I’ll wait…)

If you’re lucky, it’s probably hovering around 13% depending on your industry.

So here’s the reality…

Email open rates are as low as 5%-18% and the click-through rates are 0.2–2.1%.

While Facebook Messenger has 70%+ open rates, and 60%+ click-through rates

Plus, Facebook Messenger Marketing gets 10–80x better engagement than email and the Facebook News Feed.

And as a nice, shiny bonus, Facebook Messenger Ads have a lower cost per acquisition ﹘ sometimes it’s up to 30% lower.

Messenger Marketing works even if you don’t have a million-dollar marketing budget.

Here’s how you can use Messenger ads for top of funnel:

  • Deliver discount coupon codes to encourage more sales. For example $10 off their first purchase, delivered through the bot and capturing the visitor’s email address.
  • Free guides; for example, “5 Little-Known Secrets to Boost Your Online Sales”
  • Competition entries; for example “Win a Year’s Worth of Free Pizza” to attract new leads.
  • A Free + Shipping offer on a low-cost item to generate sales and encourage new customers.

Best of all, you can get leads for as little as $3-$4, and in some industries, it’s even lower at $1.57 to $2.

And if that’s NOT winning in business, I don’t know what is!

Want to know more about how Messenger Marketing can help your business?

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